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Group Compensation Claim

Club la Costa

The Timeshare Consumers Association ("TCA") have made arrangements with law firm   Linder Myers LLP,  in Manchester, to investigate and, if found appropriate, make a claim on behalf of consumers who are unhappy with their membership(s) of Club la Costa - "CLC".

The first stage is for Linder Myers to assess the details of those individual purchasers who are unhappy with their membership(s), so as to establish whether their circumstances would enable them to join a potential compensation group.

If you are dissatisfied with your membership of Club la Costa and wish for Linder Myers to carry out a no obligation review of your matter, please complete the questionnaire below.

Once all the completed questionnaires have been processed, Linder Myers will contact you to explain whether you qualify to join the compensation group, the terms of joining and the procedure for joining, should you wish to do so. An administration charge of 235 (including VAT) will be required should you wish to join the Group - completing the questionnaire does not make you liable for any costs. Even if you are no longer a member of Club la Costa you may still qualify to join the Group.

Please be aware that it may take some weeks to process your questionnaire.

Please note that Linder Myers and the TCA are aware that Club la Costa has many satisfied members. You should only complete the questionnaire below if you are unhappy with your membership.


1. The purpose of the group is:-
  • to recover monies paid to Club la Costa by way of a loan
  • to terminate membership of Club la Costa
  • to end the loan agreement(s)
2. Linder Myers LLP is a firm of solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

3. With the exception of an intial 235, Linder Myers LLP will carry out the work on a "no win no fee" basis

If you would prefer a printed copy of the questionnaire please click   here

Please complete the following Questionnaire - you will find it helpful to have all your documents to hand before starting

You do not incur any liability for costs by completing this questionnaire


Which company(s) did you sign a purchase agreement(s) with; the date(s) you signed and the total cost of the agreement(s)

    Company Name     Date     Total Cost
1st Agreement on
2nd Agreement on

If you paid by way of a loan, what is the name(s) of the lender

Do you have copies of the purchase agreement(s) and loan document(s)
Yes    No

If you are unhappy with your membership of Club la Costa please set out your reasons below.

(Please limit response to 500 words. This is for an initial assessment only as Linder Myers will contact you in due course if appropriate for any further information that is required)


If you are willing for your completed questionnaire to be passed to Linder Myers LLP. and for them to contact you about it.

(for your own records)


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March 2010