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Getting Out

If you want to get out of a  Spanish  (or Portugese)   timeshare  click here

The options for getting out of timeshare ownership are:-


  • There are numerous fraud companies offering to “relieve” you of your timeshare liability. Do not do business with anyone who cold calls you or advertises such a service in a newspaper. on TV or on the Internet. You will end up many thousands of pounds poorer and still own the timeshare. See here

  • Even if you do actually find a buyer some resorts refuse to effect a transfer because they "don't like the buyer" or give some other spurious reason. Whilst this is an illegal interference in a proper contract it may be impossible to complete the sale. In some cases the resort may kill the sale by imposing an exorbitant "transfer fee".

  • Your resort/club may offer you a deal to get out – you pay them a lot more money and they promise to release you from the continuing obligation to pay. Which looks distinctly like extortion ! AVOID.

Legal Action by Resorts/Clubs

The following companies/clubs/resorts have threatened legal action for non-payment of annual fees, sometimes using debt collectors or solicitors (and even bogus lawyers !). If you are being chased for payment of annual fees please read here

Resorts that are known to have actually taken legal action in the last year or so (not always with success ! ) are marked with "X"

If you have information of names missing from this list please contact us